Destination Wedding Venues – 10 Questions to Ask Before You Book

As Destination Weddings have grown in popularity in recent years so have the number of venues offering facilities for these important events increased. Not so long ago couples considering a destination wedding would have found only a few locations and venues specializing in providing all the required amenities but now brides are confronted with a multitude of hotels, resorts and private villas all offering a dream location for their wedding day.
No one can blame the newcomers for jumping on the proverbial bandwagon. The destination wedding market is a lucrative one but at the same time it is a lot more than simply offering an upgraded hotel room, a floral arch for the couple to stand under to exchange their vows, a bottle of champagne and a reception meal for two. So how should couples, considering a destination wedding, decide which resort and what venue is really the right one for them?
Here are a few points to consider:-
1. Ask how long the venue has been hosting Destination Weddings. How many weddings have been held there and, if there is a wedding planner, how much experience he or she has. Ask to speak directly with the wedding planner to discuss your wedding and how you want it to be organized.
2. Ask for testimonials or references from previous brides and if there are any bride’s websites featuring the venue or commenting on the facilities. Use the internet to see if any previous brides have held their ceremony at the venue and what their opinion is of the venue. There are now many websites and blogs with information on venues.
3. If intending to marry “legally” at the venue check that the legal requirements of the country can be complied with and that the venue is able to deal with the necessary paperwork involved both before and after the ceremony.
4. Ensure you are provided with a complete and accurate breakdown of all the costs of transportation, accommodation, ceremony, flowers, decorations, meals, drinks, reception etc. and that there are no hidden extras to be added on at a later stage.
5. If you are already aware of the number of your guests who will be attending ask about discounted room rates, or other nearby suitable accommodation for them.
6. If a wedding package is being offered ask whether there is any flexibility in the list in order to personalize the event to suit your wishes or if it is a fixed package with no changes allowed.
7. Ask about the facilities available at the venue or in the immediate area and if you are planning to take advantage of any of these what costs are involved and if the venue can arrange these on your behalf.
8. Check the weather conditions for the time of year and time of day at the venue. If you are planning an open air or beach wedding ensure the venue has facilities for an alternative situation in the event of an unexpected downpour or hurricane.
9. Compare the price you have been offered with other similar venues. If your quotation appears to be too expensive or cheap be wary. You may be being overcharged or if the price seems too low it could be that the quality is being cut to the bone to secure a booking.
10. Last but by no means least trust your own judgement. Consider how the venue has responded to your questions. Have these been timely, informative and considerate to your wishes? Do you feel comfortable with the wedding planner? Are your wishes being taken into account and accommodated and do you feel comfortable with everything. If not better to look for another venue than be disappointed with what is the most important day of your life. One of the most flexible types of venues specializing in destination weddings are private villas where the whole wedding party can be accommodated and the ceremony, reception and ancillary events can all be held in complete privacy with no other guests staying at the villa at the same time. Internet searches for destination wedding villas, beach weddings and Caribbean destination wedding villas will find some of the best and most experienced venues in exclusive tropical locations with a choice of beach or villa garden wedding options.

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